HKS Speed Loader Fit Chart

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Revolver Speed Loaders
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To Load Speed Loader
Hold speed loader bottom end up.  Turn knob to stop pin so metal points do not show in the six bore holes.  Insert cartridges into bores, primer ends down.  Jiggle or hold cartridges toward center of loader.  Turn knob against other stop pin to lock them in.  Cartridges are now secure in speed loader until knob is turned again.

To Load Revolver
Swing out revolver's cylinder and eject empty cases.  Hold revolver in left hand, with thumb on cylinder to keep it from rotating.  Insert speed loader into cylinder then turn knob (clock-wise) to release cartridges in to gun.

Special Instructions
.357 ammo cases are longer than .38 special cases and may interfere with the grip* (see Over-sized Grips).
Should the speed loader become accidentally wedged against an over-sized grip, turn the knob to release the cartridges.  Then, rotate the speed loader with the cylinder of the gun.  Cartridges will drop into cylinder as they rotate past a point not in a bind.  Do not attempt to use a loader with a revolver for which it was not intended.  (See chart.)  Test drop cartridges from speed loader to revolver several times since ammo sizes have been known to vary

Model Caliber Fits Revolver
10-A .38/.357 S&W 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 64, 65, 66, 67, Dan Wesson, Carter Arms*,
Taurus 65, 66, 80, 82, Rossi**
587-A .357 S&W 686 Magnum Plus, 7 shot
27-A .38/.357 S&W 27, 28
36-A .38/.357 S&W 36, 37, 38, 40, 42, 49, 60, 640 Charter Arms*, 342, 342PD
Taurus 85, 605,
Rossi** 68,
Ruger SP101
586-A .38/.357 S&W 586, 686, 581, 681*
Ruger GP100
DS-A .38 Spec. Colt Det. Spec., Cobra, Agent, Diamond Back
MK-3A .38/.357 Colt Mark 3's, Mark 5's
King Cobra, Peacekeeper,
Ruger Security 6*
PY-A .38/.357 Colt Python
22HR .22LR H&R 9 Shot, Taurus 94
22-J .22LR S&W 34, 35, 43, 63,
Also K Frame
22-K .22LR S&W 17, 18, K-22, Colt Diamondback, Dan Wesson .22
25-M .45
S&W 25-2
25-5 .45
Long Colt
S&W 25-5
29-M .44 Mag.
.44 Special
S&W 29, 629, Dan Wesson,
Ruger Redhawk & Super Redhawk,
Colt Anaconda,
Taurus .44 444 Raging Bull
48-K .22MRF S&W 48 (K Frame Only)
Colt MK 3 (.22 Mag.)
51-J .22MRF S&W 51 (J Frame Only) (don't stock this)
57-M .41 Mag. S&W 57, 58, Ruger
547 9mm S&W 547 (Not Ruger) (don't stock this)
CA-44 .44 Special Charter Arms .44*
Taurus 431, Rossi** 720
32-K .32 H&R Mag. S&W 16, Taurus 76, 761 (K Frame) 6 Shot (don't stock this)
32-J .32 H&R Mag. Ruger SP101, Taurus 73, 74, 741, (J Frame) 6 Shot
* Over-sized Grips
Some revolvers have grips that interfere with speed loaders.  These grips must be altered or replaced so the speed loader does not touch the grip when cartridges are released.

** Rossi Cylinder Release Buttons
Cylinder release buttons on revolver models manufactured prior to 1/91 must be altered or replaced so the speed loader does not touch the release button when cartridges are released

Magazine Speed Loaders
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Adjustable stop or slots in the base retain the magazine in position while loading.  Most 15 round magazines. use the bottom slot, shorter magazines use the upper slot.  The rear of the loading paw should contact the cartridge just ahead of the ejection groove.  Magazines with rubber pads on bottom may have to be trimmed (cut a small section of rubber), so the base of magazine will rest on base of loader.  Lever arm will flex out and flip up to unload a cartridge.

Instructions for models 451, 452, GL-453 & 943
These four models adjust easily to accommodate various calibers and magazine sizes.  (Models 451 & 943.)  Set the rotating stop in the front channel by turning it with a screwdriver or by hand to the desired caliber.  (Screwdriver slot is located under thumb lever.)  Insert a cartridge into magazine, then insert magazine into speed loader with cartridge up against plunger.  Slightly lift end stop; to disengage pin, and slide it up against, or close to, bottom end of magazine.  Place end stop pin in nearest hole.  Magazine is now ready for loading.

Loads Double Stack Mags. - Model 452 & GL-453 are Adjustable

380 .380 Cal - Taurus, Browning, Beretta, Bersa Single Stack Magazines Use Model 943
940 Browning - High Power - BDM
Ruger - P85, P89, P93
S&W - .40 cal. - 411, 4003, 4006, 4026, 4043, 4046
SIG - P226, P228, P229
Taurus - .40 Cal. - PT100 - PT101, CZ-75 - 85 - 99 & TZ
941 Beretta - 92F, 96F, (Also Compacts)
Ruger - P91
MRI - Baby Eagle
S&W 9mm - 915, 946, 5903, 5904, 5906, 5926, 5946, 6904, 6906, 6946
Daewoo - DP51
Taurus - PT92 (C), PT99
Llama 9mm - (13)
Springfield Armory - P9
Walther - P88 & Compact
Witness 9mm (13 &16), .40 Cal. (9 & 12)


Glock - 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23
Glock Plus 2 - Magazines use model GL-942


Glock Plus 2 - 17 & 22 Only


Glock - 20, 21, 10mm / 45ACP


Glock Plus 2 - 17 & 22 Only

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Loads Single Stack Mags. / Model 451 & 943 are Adjustable


Colt - All 7 Round Magazines, Many 8 Round
Llama - .45 ACP
Auto Ordnance - 1911-A1, Pit bull
Springfield - 1911A1
Safari Arms - GI, Matchmaker, others...


Colt - Large Frame Single Line Magazines - 9mm, 45ACP, .38 Super, .40 Cal., 10mm
Ruger - P90
SIG - 220
Safari Arms
Star - Fire Star .40 Cal.
S&W - Single Stack Magazines - .40 Cal., .45ACP, 10mm - Others...


.380's - Walther PPK, PPKS, AMT, Colt, Beretta, Bersa, SIG, Astra, others...
9mm's - S&W, Taurus, Walther P5, P38, SIG 225, Astra, Llama
Star - Fire Star, 9mm, Others...

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HKS Also models for loading 10 round .22 LR magazines.

22 B

Browning- Buckmark, Challenger II, Colt
Ruger - 2245
Mitchell Arms - (High Standerd)

22 R

Ruger - MK I, MK II

22 S

S&W - 41, 422, 622, 2213, 2214


Mitchell Arms American Eagle (don't stock this)
Luger - P-08 For 9mm use only

Warranty Information
Guaranteed one full year; for repair, exchange or refund by HKS Products.
Altering speed loader voids product warranty.  Use only HKS carrying cases with HKS Speed Loaders.